PEACE (Parent Enrichment And Continued Engagement)


Our aim, Insha’Allah, is to raise awareness and increase knowledge regarding issues that children are susceptible to.  We, at Salam Academy, are establishing a parent support group to share ideas and knowhow and learn from parents and grandparents as well as from experts in various fields.   When parents are aware and empowered, they can become better equipped to intercept potential pitfalls and dangers before it is too late.


Topics we will discuss during our parent support group sessions

  • Dangers of Social media
  • Being media savvy as a parent
  • Tips on how to be an effective communicator
  • Taking a look at our parenting skills (what worked for us is not working for our children)
  • Setting the best example for our children to emulate
  • Recognizing when my child needs professional help (signs of learning and behavior issues)
  • Effective discipline help
  • Supporting your child throughout his/her education
  • Financial help
  • Teaching our children to become pro-active in becoming successful
  • Teaching and demonstrating how to be a responsible person
  • How to make the right choices when confronted with difficult options
  • Preparing our children for HS and beyond
  • Knowing who our children’s friends are
  • Consequences of getting involved in illegal drugs
  • Sexting is a popular pastime in schools nationwide
  • Physical, verbal, and emotional abuse
  • Educational career ladder for children


One lucky winner from among the attendees will win a “surprise” gift


REMINDER! This is not a PTO meeting or PTO group. It is a parent support group for the community involvement. It is one of the community outreach project of Salam Academy. Insha'Allah PTO meetings and activities will continue as scheduled. PEACE group talks/ workshops would be once a month as announced, Insha'Allah.




Date/ time



Facilitator/ Speaker

Nov 18, 2015/ 4pm


Opening session

Sr. Nada Abdelhack























































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