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Home Life furniture is offering any Salam Academy Parent a 20% discount of purchases at their location.  

When Non-Salam Academy people purchase from Home Life, they will donate 5% of thier purchase to Salam Academy.  

Just mention you are a Salam Academy parent or family member and you will receive the discount!

This is a great way to help support Salam Academy with the added benefit of new furniture in your home. 

Homelife (
Home Life Furniture is now located at Cottonwood Mall)
10000 Coors Bypass NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

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S.A. is a non-for-profit, 501 (c) organization.

Donors can request on where they want the money to be spent.


Your tax-deductable gift to our school is an investment in the Salam Academy experience that provides our children with a strong academic program, character formation, and leadership within the framework of Islamic values. Your gift touches the lives of every student and every teacher-every day, providing unrestricted support for the annual operating budget. This donation closes the budget gap through the generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni, and the friends.


First and foremost, the SA Board of Directors constantly works to continue to raise funds to support the growth of SA. Funds raised through special events, grant writing, major donations, and the PTO go to enhance the educational experience of our students. With your support Alhamdolilah, we are able to provide the exemplary academic environment for the children of SA.


Donors Recognition:

  • ABQ Wholestic Dentistry
  • Albuquerque community
  • Cafe Istanbul
  • Community in Kinsmen, AZ
  • Community in Gallup, NM
  • Dar Al Salam Foundation
  • Dhaka bazaar
  • Donut Mart
  • Gallup community
  • Gentle Dental PC (Dr. Raffat Mansoor)
  • Islamic Center of New Mexico (ICNM)
  • Kinsmen Masjid
  • Los Palomas Market
  • Mailbox etc.
  • Masha's
  • Olympia Cafe
  • Parveen Pediatric Care
  • Santa Fe community
  • Skyway Trading
  • Yasmeen's Cafe


  • Several anonymous donors

The majority of sheiks in the Council of Islamic Fiqh believe that zakat can be spent to support Islamic schools anywhere around the world as such schools help keep the Islamic identity of children and the parents alike.






- (In Arabic)

- ( Shia Fatwa)


There are a number of jurists of this century, such as Sheikh Muhammad 'Abduh, Rashid Rida, Maulana Mawdudi, Amin Ahsan Islahi, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and some Fatwa organizations in Kuwait and Egypt, they are of the opinion that the phrase ‘in the cause of Allah’ covers a broad category and it should not be restricted to Jihad only. It is a general term and it should be applied in all those situations where there is a need to serve Islam and Muslims. 

Those scholars consider it permissible to use the Zakah money to finance the Da'wah and public welfare programs. They say that the expression ‘for the poor and needy’ can also mean ‘for the benefit of the poor and needy’.


Zakat or Zakah is the third pillar of Islam. The Qur'an mentions Zakat many times along with prayer Salat to emphasize the importance of it. Literally Zakat means Blessing, purification, increase and goodness. It is so called as it blesses the wealth from which it is taken and protects it from misfortunes.
Ibn Taimiah said, "The soul of one who gives Zakat is blessed & so is his wealth."

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