Student Government


The student government represents the interests of the student body vis-a-vis the school. Together with the school administration and the alumni association, they organize campus-wide events such as orientation day. With smaller events, the student government also lends a hand. It is always receptive to questions and suggestions from the student body.









Positions 2017-2018:

President: Iman Aggad
V. President: Camila Khraishi
Secretary: Meckrem Yousef

Treasurer: Nada Abdelhack


Grade Representatives:

3rd: Aya Assed
4th: Yusef Abdelhack
5th: Rawan Seleem
6th: Sakeena Al-Hassan
7th: Marwa Amini
8th: Eman Gauba


Positions 2016-2017:

President: Iman Aggad
V. President: Marwa Amini
Secretary: Lily Mosallaei

Treasurer: Amr Kassem


Positions 2015-2016:

President: Rakin Faruk
V. President: Safa Kassem
Secretary:Mariam Assed

Treasurer: Anas Issa




Houses & Colors:

President, VP, Secretary and all class representatives must have equal representation. Officers are elected for one academic year.

Each student in the school will be assigned a House by the Advisor and the color representing that house. Each house will have equal representation of students from variety of academic and extra-curricular backgrounds. Students will be wearing a ribbon/ badge provided by the advisor to show their allegiance to that House. Students must be assigned different House each academic year.


Spirit Points:

Equal representation of students in each of the following houses:


  • Respect (Green)

  • Honesty (Red)

  • Responsibility (Blue)




General Purpose of Salam Academy Student Government


The Student Government Exists To Serve Students…

It will only be as active, effective, and concerned as each student member is!

  1. Student council is the HEART of student involvement. It works for all students.
  2. It teaches leadership skills to all the students to prepare for their future roles in life.
  3. Good leaders are developed, not born. Informed voters help create them. Leadership training is one goal of student government.
  4. It has student respect and support by opening its doors to all students, and by being aware of student needs and opinions.
  5. Cooperation is the key to getting things done. It should work with others to solve problems.
  6. Training and relevance are vital to the success of any student government.


The elected representative of the Student Government shall:

  1. Promote a greater degree of unity, respect, spirit, and cooperation among students, faculty, staff and administration.
  2. Offer and oversee activities for furthering the academic, social, and spiritual growth of the student body.
  3. Provide a democratic and representative forum through which students may address school-related issues.
  4. Represent to the faculty and administration the concerns of the student body regarding academic and disciplinary policies.
  5. Promote school spirit and unity by sponsoring a variety of social events.
  6. Be elected from Oct 1 till Sept 30 of the next academic year (1 year period).
  • The Class Officer shall:
  1. Work closely with their class mates and the lead teacher to organize and oversee class-specific activities and meetings.
  2. Inform the Student Government of all class activities.
  3. Present the opinions and ideas of their class to the Student Government officials.
  4. Inform their class of the decisions of the SGA.
  5. Serve as chairmen of Class Meetings.

Duties of Student Government Leaders


  1. Represent the student body at school meetings
  2. Develop agenda for and preside at student government meetings.
  3. Knows the basic rules of parliamentary procedure.
  4. Votes when there is a tie.
  5. Conducts him/herself with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.

Vice President

  1. Represent the student body at school government meetings (as requested by the president)
  2. Knows the basic rules of parliamentary procedure.
  3. Serves in the absence of the president.
  4. Coordinates the work of committees.
  5. Heads important committees.
  6. Conducts him/herself with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


  1. Keeps accurate minutes of meetings.
  2. Handles all government correspondence.
  3. Reports at each meeting the minutes from previous meeting.
  4. Type materials for student government officers.
  5. Conducts him/herself with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.

Class Representatives

  1. Attend student government meetings and report back to classrooms.
  2. Report class feedback to the student government.
  3. Rotate positions to give more students a chance to participate.
  4. Conducts him/herself with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.

Advisor (An assigned faculty or staff person from school)

  1. Oversees student council meetings and activities.
  2. Instructs students on holding elections and running for office.
  3. Helps student government establish goals, plan a calendar, and form a budget.


Election Dates: By Sept 30 each year.


Meetings: As scheduled or once a month on Friday after school




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