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Our academic program provides students with rich learning experiences in a wide variety of subject areas. We reinforce our students' individual strengths and help them achieve excellence, even in the subjects where they face the toughest challenges. Our teachers demonstrate the practical relevance of every subject matter, giving students an added incentive to learn. Activity-oriented, challenging content is at the core of our lesson plans.



 Complete applications for either program  consist of the following documents:


  1.     Completed Online Application 2022 -2023 (For online application, click here)
  2.     Completed & Signed Financial Agreement 2022 - 2023
  3.     Need scholarship or financial assistance?
  4.     Completed & signed doctor's statement on student's health record
  5.     Photo copy of the current shot/vaccination record
  6.     Signed Enrollment & Student Record Policy
  7.     Transfer of records request
  8.     Car Pool Permission Form (if applicable)
  9.     Copy of last report card (or approved standardized testing)
  10.     Behavior records
  11.     Permission for transfer of records (for new/ transferring students)
  12.     Free or Reduced Lunch application-Required even if you do not qualify. (Income Eligibility Household Application and Guidelines)


Adobe Acrobat document [118.7 KB]



Want to increase chances for enrollment?


  1.     Pay full tuition to increase the priority for admission.
  2.     If you are interested in financial aid or work-for-tuition, provide all financial documents by May 01.
  3.     Submit all required documents in a timely manner.


Financial Aid and the Volunteer-for-Tuition Program (Parents Involved in Effective Children Education (P.I.E.C.E. Program)


Salam Academy offers financial aid and a volunteer-for-tuition program for families whose financial records show that they cannot afford the full tuition. Volunteer-for-tuition allows qualified parents to get reduced tuition (up to 50% off) by working at the school a certain number of hours per month. Both programs require full financial documentation and the completed Financial Aid application form.


Please click on the below links for details:

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Adobe Acrobat document [78.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [53.9 KB]
Credit Card Authorization Form.pdf
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Bank Withdrawal Form.pdf
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Office Hours

We can be reached during the following hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm during weekdays. School is closed on the weekends.


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