Story Writing Competition

Prizes awarded in each Grade-Level Division

K-2      3rd-5th       6th-8th


Deadline for submissions: March 17, 2017


Finished judging and oral presentation: Contact Ms. Sharon


Let your imagination run wild!   We would like you to tell us a story!

Let your creativity flow freely and be sure to check our competition guidelines below!




  • The stories are to be fiction

  • Paper for the stories will be supplied by the school

  • All work on stories is to be done at school.  (no one is allowed to work on their stories at home)

  • Stories must be handwritten

  • Instruct students to writing a beginning, middle and end

  • Illustrations should be included in the stories, minimum one (1) maximum (5)

  • An award will be given for the best story illustration.

  • Pages must be numbered

  • Stories should be written on one side of paper

  • Minimum fifty (50) words and Maximum two thousand (2000) words

  • Name of author should be tagged, not written on the pages, to ensure fair judging

  • One (1) entry per student

  • If the story is not written in English, a translation must be attached.

  • Entry is open to Salam Academy children in grades 1st through 8

  • Teachers are expected to lead their students with rough draft and revisions to produce final, excellent stories

  • 1st and 2nd place winner will be chosen from each grade.  

  • Topics for the stories are left up to the discretion of each grade’s teacher

  • Stories should be suitable for children ages 5-14 years, as the winning stories will be read aloud to the whole school and posted on the school’s website.

  • All stories must be FICTION and ORIGINAL.  Plagiarized stories will be disqualified

  • Entries for 4rd-8th grade MUST BE TYPED during class computer time and will be: double spaced, minimum of 12 pt. type, Times Roman font, with a 1” margin for top, bottom, and sides.

  • Entries for 1st -3rd MUST BE HANDWRITTEN and ILLUSTRATED by the Author.  Neatness and handwriting legibility will be judged along with the other criteria.

  • Winning stories will be published on the school website and if possible, entered into national competitions.

  • Entries must include a cover sheet or title page with tile, full name of the author, grade level, school name, month and year and student’s age.



Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the top winner from each class and the 1st and 2nd place winners from each grade-level division.


Judging Rubrics:


Judging Rubric for 1st and 2nd grades:
Story Writing 2014 (1st - 2nd).xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [14.9 KB]
Judging Rubric (grades 3rd and above)
Story Writing 2014 (3rd- 8th).xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [17.8 KB]


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