Gifted and Talented


.A. Policy: Grade Advancement for Academically Advanced Kids

PURPOSE: This policy is made in order to discover factors that may influence classroom performance or test scores of Academically Advanced students. It does not weigh for or against qualification, but aids the Student Assessment Team in making good judgments about how to proceed with helping the student(s) towards learning excellence.


Some suggested material to read before considering grade advancement:



Our Gifted and Talented Program consists of;


  • Advanced grade (based on the policy mentioned above),
  • Enrichment activities,
  • Brain stimulation through participating in competitions such as,
  • Quran memorization,
  • UNM-PNM Math Competition,
  • Spelling Bee, 
  • Science Fair,
  • Science Research Paper Competition and many more…
  • Please refer to "Extra-curricular" link on this website.



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