Catch ya! Awards


Following awards are for all Salam Academy current students, alumni, staff, faculty and families/ volunteers ONLY. Anyone can recognize anyone for a good job and a certificate is presented to them by the school.


These are based on the nominations with details/ explanation for justification. The nominations are submitted via  (Subject: Catch ya! Award), as soon as a person is "catch ya!" demonstrating these:


  • Best Character Award- Good conduct and noble character are the most valuable and precious assets of any human society. They are the treasures of pride for any individual. They build nations and make them imitable among others. Prophet (SAW) said: "I am sent in my mission to accomplish the principles of noble characters."


  • Smile is a Charity Award- for the one who has ability to perceive and express what is amusing (not vulgar :-)


  • Tomorrow's Leader Award- for the one who has strong interpersonal skills and is caring and get along well with others. This blooming leader stands by and, protect his/ her family, friends, school and the faith.


  • Good Citizen Award- for a volunteer who has done exceptional job by being a good citizen and good neighbor


  • Generosity Award- for the one who gives money, time, support and comfort without any strings and for the sake of Allah, and does not seek praise or gratitude.



 Catch Ya! Themes:


  • Aug-Sept: Manners with oneself
  • Oct-Nov-Dec: Manners with immediate family including peers at school
  • Jan-Feb-Mar: Manners with school & Manners with the Environment
  • April-May: Manners with members of the community & Manners with the extended family



Camila Khraishi made packages with water and snack bars. She made them for homeless people we encounter at the traffic light. She named her effort as "Hasanat". So who wants to join her in this good cause? More details.

~ Ms. Aamna Nayyar (September 4, 2016)

I want to nominate Andy Brooks for the Generosity Award. He has volunteered to be our PE teacher and goes above and beyond with the kids every day that he is here with us. ~ Ms. Rebecca Mosallaei (March 28, 2013)


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