Science Fair

Dear Parents,

For many of the students this will be their first major AT HOME individual science project. This project is intended to encourage students to THINK about how things work instead of simply repeating back facts that they have learned. Children are naturally curious, and while fun experiments may be exciting and get students interested in science, the real key to the science fair  is for students to learn that the journey through the scientific process can be rewarding -- and
educational.  Even scientific study of something simple still requires a systematic process of acquiring knowledge derived from observation and study.


Materials List

  • Bifold display board (see diagram) 
  • Writing/typing paper
  • Glue
  • Materials required for the experiment 

 NOTE: Students can use the computers at school to type their display material if time allows.       

Scientific Methods

  • What do I want to find out?
  • What do I already know?
  • Hypothesis: What do I think will happen? This is a good guess or explanation.
  • Materials: What materials do I need fo rmy experiment?
  • Procedure: What are the steps I will follow to test my hypothesis?
  • Data/ Charts: How did I conclude my results. This involves math skills.
  • Results: What happened when I did the experiment?
  • Conclusion: What did I learn?


  Scientific Method Vocabulary
     Hypothesis -    A good guess or explanation to a question in science.
     Variables -  What are variables?

     Recording-    Writing down what is happening in an experiment.
     Observation -    Watching  and recording what is happening in a scientific experiment.
     Conclusion-     Writing about what you learned from the experiment.


Science Fair Timeline

Activities Deadlines
Orientation on Science Fair by the teacher  October

Finalize research topic

Reviews by SRC/IRB 

Start and complete experiment AFTER approval 


Complete research

Data Analysis

Complete poster board


Practice presentations

School Science Fair

Register in Central Regional Science Fair February

Central Regional Science Fair

NMJAS - Regional Contest


State Science Fair 

NMJAS - State Contest

Intel ISEF May 
Benefits of STEM Research Competitions [...]
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2021-2022 - All Science Fair Forms.pdf
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Sample Display Board Layout



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